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Tuesday afternoon Cardinal news and notes


Petey Bradley kind of looks like Howard Schnellenberger. Tell me you don't see it. You see it.

Still ill (Smiths), but feeling a bit more ahead of death today. Thanks to the no one who brought me food and/or love yesterday. This is how team-specific college sports websites start to die.

GCA is back with her second burn book installment, and Greg Scruggs has already expressed his displeasure over Vance Bedford receiving a higher Yum rating than he did. Seriously.

So ESPN and the ACC are reportedly "re-negotiating" their recently agreed-upon television contract, and the conference now figures to make even more money.


After thoroughly dismantling bye week, the Cards are fourth in the new Big East power rankings from ESPN.

4. Louisville (2-1). The Cardinals were off last week so they get the benefit of riding on the victory over Kentucky for another week. That loss to FIU looks a little worse today after the Panthers lost at home to Louisiana.

The Cards did slip two spots to No. 7 in SBN's rankings. Quite the accomplishment since the Big East didn't exactly look stellar last weekend. 

 UK athletic director Mitch Barnhart was on Kentucky Sports Radio with Matt Jones this morning and said, among other things, that he would not rule out vetoing Louisville if other members of the SEC wanted to invite U of L into the conference.

Remote Cardinal's response.

ESPN's Andrea Adelson says Teddy Bridgewater's patience is paying off.

How long did it take for the magnitude of what he did to sink in?

"Well, it hit me a couple days later," Bridgewater said. "The night of the game, I treated it as another game, another opponent but later during the week, it hit me that I beat a rival we hadn't beaten in five years. It made me feel good, because I had the team support also."


"What's been great -- you always tell a player they’re a play a way and a lot of times they don't understand that," Strong said. "Teddy did that. He showed poise on the road as a true freshman, was able to come in and lead our offense. He managed our offense, didn't turn the ball over and it was great to see him come in and see what he did."

That is what Bridgewater has wanted since he enrolled at Louisville in the spring as one of the more highly touted prospects in the nation. Bridgewater had committed to Miami before changing his mind and signing with the Cardinals. He and Stein competed for the starting job, and although Stein became the starter, the plan was always to get Bridgewater into games.

There never has been a question about Bridgewater being the future leader of this team. Louisville just got a glimpse of the future a little early.

Glasgow tight end Hunter Bowles will announce his college decision tomorrow morning at 11 a.m. Matt Jones tweeted yesterday that a source has informed him that Bowles will choose Louisville over Kentucky.

The Big East is seventh in ESPN's latest conference rankings, one spot behind the Mountain West. The Big 12, in case you were wondering, is No. 1.

Love Brett McMurphy.


A family of LSU fans were nearly beaten to death by West Virginia fans following Saturday night's Tiger victory. I will never see a Louisville game in Morgantown.

Spencer Hall also spent the weekend in Morgantown and has a far more detailed and humorous account of the journey.

Despite falling behind, Mountaineer fans are well-behaved save for one old bastard we will call "Mr. Season Ticket Holder." Mr Season Ticket Holder yells for everyone to sit down despite 54 rows of people standing at once in front of him, and focuses in on one fellow Mountaineer fan in front of him.

"Boy, I am A SEASON TICKET HOLDER and you better sit down or I will have you removed."

"Sir, I'm just doing what everyone else is doing, and I want to see--"


I spend the rest of the quarter with Luke and Steven making up some of the other rights Mr. Season Ticket Holder thinks come with the purchase of season tickets.

"You're gonna have to buy me a beer, son. SEASON TICKET HOLDER."

"I'm gonna need to have that play reversed, line judge. Sorry! SEASON TICKET HOLDER."

"Once a year all 18,000 of us get to roam freely killing non-season ticket holders like the Spartans slaughtering Helots. Sorry! SEASON TICKET HOLDER."

Canada is sooo over the Big East.

A solid highlight vid of the Louisville soccer team's takedown of Ohio State in Columbus.

Eamonn Brennan talks about Rick Pitino's belief that the ACC's poaching of Syracuse and Pitt was a move motivated by jealousy of Big East basketball.

When I'm walking in public, I often find myself wishing I could somehow communicate to the nearby birds that I mean them no harm. I'm just saying, it would save them the inconvenience of an interrupted meal. Plus, all that eating and fleeing can't be good for their digestive systems.

Interesting stuff from a thread on ITV.

Pretty often, my work takes me over to PJCS and I am in the football complex.   Today, I was in there and came away with some interesting tidbits...

1) I remarked to the secretary how good the Governor's Cup looked sitting there in the trophy case.    She said, "yes it does, but it is not the real one, the real one is still in Lexington and they have not sent it yet."   She then said, that the one in the case was a mock trophy and the folks "over there are being real obstinate about sending it back..."


The next plan for the UK basketball circus is to reportedly have an exhibition game, or series of exhibition games, featuring a team of former UK greats against a team of former UK villains. If this goes according to plan, the villains team will feature Terrence Williams.

Samardo's feeling a bit more Cardinal pride these days.


The U of L baseball team will be hosting a pair of open scrimmages this weekend.

And finally, a quick piece on Louisville/Marshall from the Register-Herald in West Virginia.