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Big 12 eyeing Louisville, TCU

This is the story that has Card Nation all riled up.

And two Big East schools could be squarely in the Big 12’s sights: TCU, which isn’t scheduled to join the Big East until next year, and Louisville.

Geographically, TCU makes the most sense, but Texas’ long-standing opposition to adding the Horned Frogs could turn the Big 12 toward Louisville. The league already has a strong presence in the state of Texas (with Texas, Baylor and Texas Tech) and could extend its conference footprint by adding Louisville., a website that covers Texas and the Big 12, reported TCU "tops the list to be No. 10," according to their sources.

But a leading college official with working knowledge of the situation said: "Texas does not want TCU because TCU gives the Big 12 nothing they don’t already have and sharing money with a school that adds no value makes no sense."

He requested anonymity because he is not authorized to speak on behalf of either side.

A Big 12 official, meanwhile, confirmed that Louisville could be a target "once the Big 12 gets its house in order." He could not speak on the record because the league hasn’t officially decided on its next course of action.

Saddle up?