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Sanford says changing personnel on the O-line is not the answer

C.L. Brown has some notes from Wednesday's U of L practice up on his blog right now. The most significant is a quote from offensive coordinator Mike Sanford saying that poor play on the offensive line won't be solved by changes in personnel.

"The big thing right now is the guys that we have improving them and having them doing what their jobs are," Sanford said.

Though there might not be changes in the names, it'll still be interesting to see if there are any position moves the week after the line was embarrassed, quite frankly, by Florida International's front four. The play of tackles Hector Henandez and Ryan Kessling has been especially scrutinized.

Other notes from C.L.:

--Dominique Brown was not wearing the yellow quarterbacks jersey he ordinarily dons during practice. This could mean that he's going to see some snaps at another position - presumably running back - on Saturday.

It's really not a bad idea since Brown is the best power runner on the roster and Victor Anderson and Jeremy Wright have both had a hard time hitting holes...on the rare occasion that they exist.

--Michaelee Harris played with Teddy Bridgewater in high school and says he's noticed a drastic improvement in the QB since coming to college.

"On the field I believe he’s gotten better," Harris said. "He reads better, he goes through his progressions better. Coach (Shawn) Watson has done a great job working with him."

Beat Kentucky.