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Louisville a unanimous choice for Big East cellar dweller

The various sports media outlets are out with their updated conference rankings on this Monday afternoon, and that's about as close to positive news as you're going to find in this post. Not one of those aforementioned outlets has Louisville above dead last in the Big East.

A quick review.

SB Nation has Louisville solidly in eighth, although the Cards did appear at No. 7 on three separate ballots.

SB Nation NY adds insult to injury by also slotting Louisville at No. 8.

8) Louisville Cardinals (1-1)

Louisville was shredded by one player, FIU's senior wide receiver T.Y. Hilton, who finished with 201-receiving yards, in a 24-17 loss to a non-automatic qualifying program. If you're trying to move up the SBNY rankings you can't let one player beat you.

ESPN's Andrea Adelson had U of L last week, and saw no reason to change that after the loss to Florida International.

8. Louisville (1-1).The Cardinals lost to FIU on Friday night, their first loss to a Sun Belt opponent since 1981. To make matters worse, Louisville will forever be the answer to the trivia question: Name the first AQ school FIU ever defeated.

The Cards also check in at No. 8 over at Athlon, whom you may remember had significantly low expectations for Charlie Strong's team before the season.

8. Louisville (1-1) – With a handful of young players stepping into the starting lineup, Louisville coach Charlie Strong knew it would be a challenge this year. The Cardinals dropped a 24-17 decision to FIU on Friday night. The defense allowed too many big plays to FIU receiver T.Y. Hilton, while the offense struggled to establish the rushing attack once again. Louisville will hit the road to play Kentucky this Saturday. With both teams struggling on offense, points could be hard to come by next week.

Beat Kentucky.