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Louisville 21 - Murray State 9: Post-Game Thread

Five sunny first half thoughts:


2. Will Stein and Chris Philpott got their panda swag on in the first 20 minutes

3. Welcome back, Vic Anderson's freshman form

4. Let's not overreact about Teddy Bridgewater's first offensi--OMG OVERREACT

5. Fumbles and false starts; I swore I saw Byron Stingily get drafted this summer

Five adjusted expectations second half thoughts:

1. In honor of UofL's 2nd half offense, ESPNU infomercials mailed it in tonight; very disappointing performance

2. 70% of the Earth is covered by water; Preston Brown and Dexter Heyman cover the rest

3. Excuses: Freshmen, injuries, & hey Murray State isn't bad for an FCS team, right guys...?

4. This performance will not cut it against FIU, never mind road trips to UK, North Carolina and WVU

5. Silver lining: Special teams and the fact that no one will care about this game a week from now

Enjoy the win and the rest of your college football weekend.