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Predictions In A Safe Place: Hopes and Dreams High

There's not much about tonight's opener that hasn't been said.  You all know the stakes, you know the weakness of our opponent (despite that mid-week 10 minute OMG what if Murray actually has a shot? daydream you had while pretending to listen to your wife) and all the exciting new and improved players to watch.  You've been thinking about this day, what it would be like, how you'd feel, picturing what would happen.  This is your chance to tell your fellow 'Cloids about those feelings.  Dig deep.  This is a safe place.  Share. 

Honest, Objective Final Season Record:  6-6

Red-Tinted, Homer Fan Optimistic Final Season Record: 8-4

Score Prediction:  Louisville 41 - 14 Murray (we give up two TDs through the air on trick and/or misdirection and/or just young corners getting beat plays).  Offense doesn't score as much as we think it should, but that's okay.

Offensive Player of Game:  Victor Anderson and Jeremy Wright split too many carries for either to stand out, so I'm going to say Andrell Smith gets two TDs and has at least one OMG play.

First Cardinal Play Of The Season:  Run off tackle.  Bread, butter, 5 yard gain. 

Second Play of the Season:  Quick outs, Stein finds Chi-Papa over the middle for a first down. Ease him into throwing the ball.

First Cardinal Touchdown:  Jeremy Wright from 10 yards out. 

Oddly Specific Prediction:  At some point both Teddy and Will Stein will be in the game at the same time......yet neither will touch the ball.  The play will result in a 1 yard gain. 

Jet Sweep?  Remember last year how we would run the play with Bilal at WildCard and Vic would start in the slot and run by him as the ball was snapped?  And how Bilal literally never handed off?  Look for that play tonight with Vic/Wright....but watch for Vic to hand it off once. 

Titus? Titus.

Louisville Will Win!  As long as the defense is 10% as good as we think it is.  Forde can talk about Murray's experienced offense all they want, but they were not exactly playing a BCS schedule last year. Also, their defense gives up points by the dozens. 

New Guys I Will Be Really Excited To See On The Field:  DeVante Parker (#9), Teddy (obv)(#5), Eli Rogers (#82), Jamaine Brooks (#99), Dubose (#90), Mike Privott (#51) (Krag's highest touted defensive recruit), Calvin Pryor (#25).

So, lots of guys. 

What about you?  Again, this is a safe place.  Share.  Let it out. 

Only GCA judges, and that right soon.