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DaMarcus Smith a no-show at UCF camp

Yeah, I'm gonna have to say no comment.

O'Leary was asked when he expects to hear a definitive answer regarding Smith's eligibility. "I hope pretty soon," O'Leary said. "I hope to get it done before school starts... As soon as we hear, we'll have the opportunity to get him back in school."

That's if Smith has any desire to play for UCF. The 18-year-old quarterback's situation is like a soap opera, to say the least, and he's no stranger to drama. The Louisville, KY native waited a couple of days after national signing day to announce at a press conference that he would attend UCF over hometown favorite Louisville. Then came the massive pressure from his friends, family and Louisville Cardinals fans to reverse his decision. So he did, then asked out of his commitment to UCF. But, O'Leary wouldn't let him walk from his national letter of intent because he said it would have set a bad precedent. Next, surprisingly, Smith actually came to Orlando this summer to take part in offseason workouts with the Knights. He stayed for approximately one month, then returned home to Louisville to take final exams for his summer classes. UCF is yet to get him back on campus.