Football Practice Day 2

This simply what I observed from day 2 of practice.

*I got to the practice fields about 20 minutes before practice was about to start and it was already plenty of people there already. Which I loved to see. I don't know the exact numbers but it looked as if their were more people than friday.

*Michaelee Harris did suit up but with a cast on his left hand with a broken thumb.

*Victor Anderson looked very good as did most of the RB's. they beat out the LB's in drills. Later I heard Dexter say " I missed a few tackles, but it wont happen again"

* Josh Bellamy and Andrell Smith looked great. Head and shoulders above the rest.

* DeVante Parker also made some nice catches.

*The CB position still seems to be wide open, I thought the best one out there today was Stephan Robinson who moved over from WR.

* The team had shoulder pads and helmets on today so there was a lot more hitting.

*Will Stein looked like the starter today, but we could all tell that he won't be sitting in the pocket. His best plays came from rolling out to his right. Anytime he sat in the pocket it seemed as if he couldn't see over the line. And he probably couldn't.

*Teddy looked to be in some pain and left halfway through the practice. He did come back near the end but didnt participate only watched.

* Domonique Brown also made some pretty good passes, but had problems getting the ball from under center. A lot of bad snaps, but that was with the second unit.

*O-line looks as if it is starting to form, but could not hold the d-line for very long. Good thing Will is moblie and passes better off the run.

* D-line is definitely bigger and stronger than last year. If they were to allow sacks they would have had at least five on the day.

* This is all that I can remember at the time so I will post more as it comes to me. But overall I can tell the coaches are energized and so are the fans. I know this will be a great year and wayyyyyy better than 7th Big East.