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Quentin Snider commits to Louisville

Quentin Snider, the rising sophomore point guard at Ballard High School who ran the show for the Louisville Magic this summer, has committed to Rick Pitino and Louisville.

The kid's an elite talent, and in a year and-a-half (if not sooner) he's going to have a thousand people in his ear telling him he needs to at least look at other schools. What I'm trying to say - and what I'm sure most of you already know - is that this isn't exactly reason to throw a ticker-tape parade. If we knew beyond the shadow of a doubt that this meant Snider was going to play his college basketball at Louisville, then by all means it would be cause for celebration because the kid is the real deal. But in a recruiting climate where nothing's a sure thing until the player actually suits up for the first time, you have to take a commitment from a kid who was a high school freshman three months ago at face value.

Still, by no means is this a bad thing. Snider's a hometown kid who is indicating he wants to play for his hometown school. With arguably more talent present in the area than there's been for the past two decades, this is a very encouraging piece of news.

Plus, the kid's very, very good.