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Rodney Purvis' new list does not include Louisville

OK, so maybe it's not going to happen.

Just days after stating that Louisville "could be an option," former Cardinal commit Rodney Purvis has come out with a new list of eight potential schools, and U of L is nowhere to be found.

The Upper Room Christian Academy star now says that he is considering offers from Connecticut, Memphis, Missouri, N.C. Central, N.C. State, Ohio State, Virginia Commonwealth and Virginia.

"Instead of rushing into another decision," Purvis said. "I get to sit down and talk with the coaches more. Gain relationship with every coach on the staff. Just get a good feel for the campuses ... and see what fits my style of play the best."

Purvis' mother, Shanda McNair, played basketball at N.C. Central and has been a key figure in his recruitment. She says she and her son have learned a lot since rushing into a commitment to Louisville, and that this list will be a final list..."less, of course, again, something else happens."

Oh my God recruiting sucks.