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A few housecleaning notes

The start of the 2011 football season is just two days away, which means we are now just two days away from a 7-month period where Cardinal hoops and gridiron news will be hurled at you virtually non-stop. With that in mind, we've got a couple of things to address.

1) In order to maximize your Card Chronicle experience for the coming months, I'd recommend that you "like" our Facebook page and follow me on Twitter. I don't get anything extra from you doing either, but sometimes there are things that appear on those mediums that don't make it to the site.

Basically, I'm just trying to avoid an unnecessary fight between the two of us. I don't welcome conflict. Especially with people I care about. 

2) I'd like to get a "where are we watching" feature going, similar to the one TNIAAM does. Basically, if you live outside of the city and would like to watch the U of L game with other Cardinal fans in the area, let me know where you're headed ( and we'll post that as an official Louisville game-watch site for that area.

Also, if you own or work at a place of business you'd like to have recognized as an official watch site, please email me as well.Or you can just post the info. somewhere on the site and I'm sure I'll find it.

3) We're going to be hosting a College Football Pick 'Em contest with some pretty sweet prizes for the winners. Be sure to check in tomorrow for details on how to sign up.

4) I think all of you are special.

It's going to be a great year. Go Cards.