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Mike's Birthday, Your Gift

Yeah I feel pretty awkward posting this myself, but here's the text of the Carmody's Cafe email that was sent out earlier today.


In news that I'm certain each of you were already aware of, Card Chronicle owner Mike Rutherford turns 27 on Saturday. Parades will be thrown, statues will be erected, and someone Mike doesn't know very well will probably end up having to carry him home...before midnight.

Fan Outfitters has planned its own special celebration to mark the occasion.

The new Fan Outfitters store in The Summit shopping center will be holding its grand opening on Saturday, and in order to properly honor Mike's big day they've decided to bring in none other than Preston! D. Knowles to sign some autographs and meet Cardinal fans. Additionally, Fan Outfitters is giving Carmody's Cafe subscribers the chance to get $5 off any purchase of $25 or more.

To get your special savings for Saturday, simply click here and print out the coupon. And even if you're not going to use the coupon, you should still probably check it out because it's quite sweet.

Also, feel free to forward this news and the coupon to anyone besides DeMarcus Cousins.