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ESPNU not overly concerned with accurately previewing Louisville

Last night, ESPNU debuted its hour-long Big East football preview special for the 2011 season. Knowing full well that, at best, the special would be fraught with generic opinions and overused statistics, I still chose to tune in.

It started out fine, with the panelists first talking about how wide-open the conference was, its relative strength at the quarterback position, and then transitioning into the individual team previews. It took about 40 minutes to get to Louisville, and to put it extremely generously, the wait was not worth it.

Here are a few highlights from the four letter network's breakdown of the 2011 Cardinals:

--We play Miami.

--Teddy Bridgewater has to be ready right away for this team to have success.

--Will Stein is not a member of the Louisville Cardinals (not mentioned once).

--Safety Gerod Holliman will be an impact freshman.

--Losing tight end Doug Beaumont will hurt.

Fairdale High School (hey, Red) could have put out a more informative, and probably equally entertaining product.

If you notice that a rerun of the program is airing and you have 30 minutes to kill, it would probably be in your best interest to look elsewhere. I'm sure Teen Mom is on somewhere...or live coverage of a testicular surgery. Both are better options.