And so, it begins...Standard Operating Procedure for Cardinal Fans

I, like many of you I'm sure, have started to hear things from my Blue Bleeding friends, and family, about the Clint Hurtt situation. Things like "Strong is dirty, I knew it" or, "I wonder what Charlie did to get all those players out of Miami?" The first thing I did, upon hearing this and the Yeehawwws/ gunshots into the air that followed, was to point and laugh hysterically; and, if you should encounter similar rhetoric then so should you.

Of course after you finish howling, and regain your breath, you'll be prompted to share what it is that you find so amusing. I've prepared a few points which can be pointed out in true "pot meeting kettle" fashion. I know that it's usually poo-poo'd on this site to concern ourselves with what the other side says or does; and, I usually agree that this is the best way to conduct ourselves. However, I feel as if we are now seeing the beginnings of what are sure to be unmerciful attacks full of unfounded half truths. Here are a few standard points that have come to mind since the Yahoo story broke, and the slightly unreasonable portion of Big Blue Nation began to come out of the wood work for their "AAAHHH-HAAAA" moment.

 As any Cardinal fan knows, UK fans are the first to point out to anyone who brings up the incidents at UMass and Memphis, in reference to Calipari, that he was never actually implicated in either case of NCAA impropriety. Cardinal fans also know that upon asking UK fans if they really believe that Teflon John had no knowledge of Camby's illegal contact with a booster, or Derick Rose's miraculous SAT score in William Wesley's back yard, they will also gladly tell you that Saint John is not a proven rule breaker. They will happily tell you that they believe with all their hearts that Johnny couldn't be everywhere at once, and couldn't be expected to know everything that was going on with all his players and recruits.

To that end, when a UK fan tells you that there are dirty things afoot in Charlie's house, the standard conversation between yourself and a UK fan should go something like this:

Kentucky Fan: Looks like your coach is up to no good! Yeah buddy, ole Charlie had to have known what was going on down there at Da U.

Louisville Fan: So, you're saying that John Calipari knew what was going on at UMass and Memphis?

KF: What???? Hell No.... John was never implicated in anything! You take that back!

LF: Well,.... if you really think that Charlie knew about illegal contact happening between a booster and players, 344 miles away from where he was busy building 2 championship defenses,....... then how could you possibly think that John-Boy didn't know about inappropriate contact between a booster and his star player at UMass,... especially when it was happening right in front of him???

KF:???????? It don't matter no how........ he cheated to get them players and everybody knows it! How else could he get all that talent to come to Loserville (now with arms crossed feeling quite proud of himself)?

LF: You mean all that talent in his #22 ranked recruiting class?? If landing ESPN's #22 ranked class after his first year on the job, following several years of mediocrity, equates to dirty recruiting,....... then what does it mean when you bring in 3 consecutive #1 ranked recruiting classes after several years of mediocrity?????

KF: (Uncrossing arms and looking slightly frustrated) Well,.... Clint Hurtt's his buddy,... he-he had to have known what he was doing down there!!! Put that in yer pipe and smoke it!!

LF: So you're saying John-John knew that Derick Rose went out of state to take his SAT and cheated?

KF: What are you talking about now (looking very confused with face reddening)?

LF: John is a "players coach" right?? I mean,... he's every player's best buddy, so if being someone's friend means you automatically know about all their dirty little secrets,.... then how could Blue Jesus himself not know what Rose was up to?

KF: (Now confused and obviously tense) You're just jealous of everything our savior has built in such a short amount of time through hard work and tireless effort on the recruiting trail, you're just trying to tear it all down!!!!

LF: Weren't you the one who started this conversation by accusing my coach of doing things the wrong way?

KF: (Fingers now thrust into his ears) GO BIG BLUE- GO BIG BLUE- GO BIG BLUE!!!!

LF: (Now very confused and slightly disturbed) ?? Are you Ok? Why are you holding your breath and jamming your fingers into your ears?

KF: You've got nothing on us BooOOiiiIIIEEEEEE!!!!  Our father John,... who art in Big Blue Hevan,....

LF: Are you reciting the lords prayer?

KF: Thy Kingdom come,...... You Shut Your filthy Cardinal mouth about my beloved program and our pillar of Righteousness!!!

LF: Righteous is a bit Strong don't you thi........


As you can see, with just a few key points it shouldn't be too hard to throw them off the scent, and bring their minds back to their egos, which is where they want to be anyway. Any other points/ counter points for what is sure to be an ongoing debate around the dinner table, bar, and water cooler are welcome to be shared.