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A quick note on the future of Card Chronicle

I can only imagine the emotional roller coaster all of you have been on since the "not going back to law school" news first dropped nearly a month ago. The cold sweats, the sleepless nights, the erotic daydreams highlighted by a shirtless Elisha Justice; I think the experience was the same for everyone.

Well, I've got some news.

I have been offered, and have accepted, a position as SB Nation's lead college basketball writer. The main effect this piece of information has on you is two-fold.

1) Card Chronicle lives on and does so in its current state: With your boy running the show.

2) You will no longer be burdened with/forced to act like you care about posts focused solely on the joys of mid-major college basketball.

Now obviously some of the time I'll have to spend covering general college basketball will cut into the time I can devote to Card Chronicle, but I can't imagine the impact will be especially noticeable. The cut-in certainly won't be any more considerable than the chunk law school took out.

So I think this is the best of both worlds. We all get to keep Chronicling, and I get to cover college basketball on the national level and eat food as a result.

In all seriousness, thank you all so much again for your continued support.