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Cards hold Saturday scrimmage

Here's a portion of what went down according to U of L:

The Cardinals worked the first offense against the second defense and vice versa under hot and humid skies.

After being stalled on the first drive, the first unit, led by quarterback Will Stein, marched right down the field. Stein went 3-for-3 on the drive, hitting Josh Bellamy for 13 yards and Andrell Smith for 14. He capped off the jaunt with a 31-yard pass to Victor Anderson, who rushed for over 100 yards.

Working with the second offense, freshman Teddy Bridgewater looked sharp, capping off his drive with a 25-yard scramble for a touchdown. Jeremy Wright added a pair of touchdowns and Anderson also had a 14-yard scoring play.

The defense recorded five turnovers on the day, including a 56-yard interception return by Terence Simien and Shenard Holton added a pick in the end zone.

Placekicker Chris Philpott booted two field goals, a 44-yarder and later added one from 21 yards. Andrew Fletcher also booted one through the uprights.

Anderson was the team's leading rusher, while freshman Eli Rogers had a huge day at wide receiver.