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The return of Bloggin' Rick Pitino

After taking a week off while working with his team in the Bahamas, Bloggin' Rick Pitino Thursdays have returned. Today, Pitino talks about the trip, Pitt and Notre Dame, why it's time for Boston College to return to the Big East, and he drops another "LOL."

Here's a sampling:

Three players if we started tomorrow are ready to play:  Peyton Siva, Gorgui Dieng and Kyle Kuric.  All three were in shape, fundamentally sound and understood the style we have integrated

Chris Smith was coming off an ankle injury, so we will not evaluate his performance as he missed a week of practice.

Mike Marra was solid shooting, but careless with his passing.  He needs to do more than shoot.  Rebounding and defense are two areas he needs to pick up.  He is a very smart player and that should not be a problem.

Steven VanTreese was a bit disappointing.  He needs to become more physical and active with his hands and feet on defense.  His shot has improved but he lacks the fundamentals at both ends.  This is why the trip was important.  We now know what to work on early in the period.

Mark Jackson still has a long way to go conditioning-wise before we can evaluate.

Bullet and Tim Henderson were injured and sat out practices.

Russ Smith was much better at the two guard.  He eats, sleeps and thinks scoring.  If he can defend the position, he will contribute.

Chane Behanan has great potential but has to improve his fundamentals to be an impact freshman.  We know where he must make his improvements.  Ball handling, passing and defense will be the areas of concentration.  Free throw shooting will improve with proper balance.

Zach Price must improve his quickness and reaction to the ball.  He is pivotal to our success.  Hard worker with a good inside presence.

Angel Nunez has probably the most upside of the three, but that means he is also the furthest behind physically.  We hope the extra strength training will help him compete down the road.