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Carmody's Cafe message from Art

The following email was sent out to Carmody's Cafe subscribers this morning:

If you are receiving this means I owe you a big thank-you for all of the support you have shown as we look to open Carmody's Cafe.

As Executive Chef, I have been working hard to prepare the kitchen for opening day, which is August 29th.

You have been patient, so I want to provide you with an appetizer

I will accept questions and will answer the best ones I receive. You can submit the questions one of four ways:

1.) E-mail it to
2.) Tweet a question to @CarmodysCafe and use the hash-tag #AskArtAnything
3.) Comment on the thread our head server, Mike Rutherford, will create on Card Chronicle (that's this one)
4.) Respond to this email

The best questions will receive an answer and a shout-out, which will only be delivered to those who have made a reservation at

It is an honor to be your Executive Chef. This is going to be fun.

- Art Carmody