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Bedford: "Get on board, or get out of the way"

Vance Bedford may not have been the star attraction at U of L's football media day on Wednesday, but the Cardinal defensive coordinator certainly ended up stealing the show.

Bedford spoke with the media for about 20 minutes this afternoon, and ended his Q&A session with an impassioned flurry centered around the direction the program is headed.

Eric Crawford has the full transcript of the spiel, but here's the last bit:

"It’s like I tell people. Get on the train right now, ’cause coach Strong got it coming. Right now, the light at the end of the tunnel? It’s not safe. It’s not safe. The future is coming, and if you’re in the way we’re going to roll right through you. So get on the train now. All you people on the side, you on the side, it’s coming. Coach Strong has got the train rolling. We’ve got some great recruits, coaches on the staff, we get the right people here, we’ll get it back to where it’s supposed to be. We expect that stadium to be 55,000, standing room only, people out the gates going, ‘Let me in! Let me in!’ The train is rolling. Anybody out there, I can’t tell you what’s going to happen right now, but it’s coming. Get on board, or get out of the way."

And here's video of Bedford's entire session: