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Chicken Knowles down to four

Chicken Knowles - who made his debut in the ESPNU 100 today at No. 57 - has narrowed his list of schools to four, and it's a list that does not include Louisville. According to Scout's Jerry Meyer, Knowles is now considering Missouri, Baylor, Arkansas and Houston.

Chicken confirmed to a U of L fan on Twitter that Pitino and company are not recruiting him. He did, however, state that he will be taking in Louisville's intrasquad scrimmage this evening at 7:30.

I still don't think the time to surrender is upon us. Crazy stuff happens in recruiting. It's been documented.

But, assuming Chicken does end up at one of the four schools he's listing, let's look at which one would be the best fit.

Houston - Not a BCS program, and they recently fired my man Tom Penders.

Baylor - Liable to be on probation by the time Chicken's a junior.

Missouri - FFFUUUULLLEEERRRR. They do have George, but he'll be gone by the time Chicken would reach campus.

Arkansas - Never been a big fan of the program, and their fans did try to match our hustle on Twitter (they failed miserably), but this does keep the dream of Chicken dropping 40 on UK alive, and I like that.

Bring Chicken to the Bucket.