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Friday afternoon Cardinal news and notes

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I'm not a cat guy, but I'm willing to make an exception for any feline named "Preston D. Knowles II."

Rashaan Myers recently caught up with Kyle Kuric who spoke a little bit about the upcoming season and his shift to walk-on status.

"I think we can be as good as we want to be.  It is very simple if we put in the work we need to which we are I think we can be as good as we want. I don’t want to say getting out of the first round is our primary focus, but it is a goal," said Kuric. "We were right there for the Big East regular season championship and we were right there for the Big East tournament championship with a team everybody didn’t think should be there. So I would say Big East regular season and tournament championship as well as Elite Eight and Final four is where we are setting our sights right now."

One piece of news that caused quite a stir in Red and Black nation was the news that Kuric has been moved to walk-on status though he is a starter and projected team captain for the upcoming season. So the million dollar question is what does Kyle think about being one of the most talented walk-ons in program history?

"It all started last year when Coach talked to my parents and he told them he may need my scholarship this year or last year. He said he may or may not need it and if they would have the money to go ahead and pay my way. And they said they did so that is how this whole thing came about.  Then they talked to me about it and I told them I didn’t have a problem with it. As far as being viewed as a scholarship player or as a walk on I could really care less. If you see me as a walk on that is your loss and that means you are going to underestimate me," said Kuric.

The LeBron James Skills Academy is currently taking place in Akron, which means that's exactly where one Wolrdwide William Wesley is "hanging."

And even though people associated with agents are supposed to be nowhere close to players at an event like this, Wesley has spent the better part of tonight sitting in a chair on the court around Kentucky freshmen Anthony Davis and Michael Gilchrist, and within talking and bumping distance of every high-school prospect in attendance.

Nike officials allow it to happen.

So it happens.

And Wesley must know just how much it agitates the NCAA. For proof, consider that I was standing with the two NCAA officials earlier tonight, just talking and catching up when we were suddenly interrupted by a young man who tapped one of the NCAA officials on the shoulder.

"Excuse me," the young man said. "Wes wanted me to tell you hello."

What a guy.

If Central Florida wants a new trial in the wrongful death case of Ereck Plancher, it's going to cost the school $10 million. Probably not a smart move.

ESPN's Big East blog continues its preseason countdown of unit rankings with linebacker, where Louisville is third.

3. Louisville. The Cardinals lose Brandon Heath and a few other players who brought valuable experience. But Daniel Brown and Dexter Heyman are experienced starters who will anchor this unit. The Cardinals took a hit when Brandon Golson reportedly decided to transfer, so they are going to need to work on some depth.

And safety, where the Cards also claim the three spot.

3. Louisville. If there is one part of the secondary that should be pretty solid, it should be the safeties. Hakeem Smith is one of the best in the league, and Shenard Holton had a nice season, too. They lead the team in tackles. Cornerback is the problem area.

Class of 2012 quarterback Austin Appleby, whom Louisville offered a scholarship last month, has committed to Purdue.

Rick Pitino has extended a scholarship offer to class of 2013 point guard Kasey Hill from Florida. 

Here's Hill in action as a sophomore:

The new website for men's soccer head coach Ken Lolla has launched.

It was confirmed by Howie Lindsey on Thursday that running back Corvin Lamb is back with the team and enrolled at U of L for the third summer session. Can't have enough depth (or talent) at that position.

Thursday was a big one for the 15-and-under Louisville Magic team coached by Ellis Myles, which went 3-0 and won a super pool at the adidas Invitational.

Among the coaches that watched the Meanstreets game was Louisville’s Rick Pitino and assistant coach Kevin Keatts and assistant coaches from Michigan, Michigan State, Xavier and several others. In the night game, IUPUI head coach Todd Howard, Indiana assistant coaches Tim Buckley and Steve McClain, Purdue assistant coach Micah Shrewsberry, Xavier assistant coach Travis Steele and several others.

"It’s been great for the kids," Myles said about the attention.

Ballard’s Quentin Snider and Central’s D’Angelo Russell had sensational games against Meanstreets, while Henry Clay’s Jordan Green and Trey Grundy were both really good in the night game. Trinity’s Craig Owens had a ton of rebounds, while Dixie Heights’ Brandon Hatton has an injured ankle but still was hitting three-pointers.

This area has gone without producing top-level talent for too long. It'll be fun(?) to follow some of these kids for the next couple of years.

And finally, our good friend Mark Ennis pointed out on Twitter yesterday that Steve Kragthorpe will be receiving $1.2 million this season from the University of Louisville. There's a little salt to dump on that wound that was starting to heal.