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Governor's Cup Luncheon notes

The C-J's live stream was predictably frustrating, but unless it cut away during a Strong or Phillips f bomb, nothing especially significant was said this afternoon.

Here's what went down:

--Governor Steve Beshear got things started and stated that Louisville/Kentucky is "one of the biggest rivalries in the state."

Not really sure what challenges it. Trinity/St. X? Tobacco vs. Marijuana? Giggin' vs. Tubin'?

--Charlie Strong was very reserved in his comments, and actually dropped the r bomb (recruiting) on more than one occasion. He stated that Louisville ranks 119th out of 120 teams in terms of returning experience, and made special note of the fact that the Cardinals return just one starter on the offensive line. According to Strong, it's going to take a lot of young guys stepping up for this team to return to he postseason.

--After Strong's guarded remarks, Joker Phillips began his spiel by saying: "We're gonna be pretty damn good this year." Phillips then talked briefly about his team and how he enjoys having a couple of games to prepare before facing Louisville.

Just 50 days away. Something like that. I don't feel like doing the math.