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Rick Pitino is blogging again

Pitino spends most of this week's update talking about Jim Boeheim, Jim Calhoun and their respective teams heading into the upcoming season. It's not as exciting as U of L player updates and jokes about Vinny Tatum's weight, but it's still a Pitino post.

What makes him such a consistent winner? Let’s start with the 2-3 zone. Why has it been so effective? Well Jim will tell you from a scouting standpoint he has not seen one zone offense with as much screening or ball movement as man to man.  He’s correct.  Add the fact that he recruits players who possess great length to cover the bumps and make it difficult to attack inside.  They also fast break well out of it, as they get excellent triangle rebounding.  He gives his players the freedom to create on offense.  All of his guys really enjoy playing for him.  Highly intelligent, a great recruiter and an excellent strategist on the bench.

Let’s cover some things you may not know about Jim:

              *He has a violent reaction when he eats anything that has nuts in it.

               *He is an avid reader and watches old movies.

*He has incredible vision. Would make all the line calls down on my end of the court when I played him in tennis.  Of course they would always go against me.

*I allegedly introduced him to his wife at a Kentucky party. When Jim met Juli, his life took on a whole new look.  Old movies were out and his dress got a total makeover. Gone were the Wimp Sanderson plaid jackets. Now he wears Armani.  Before Juli, Jim thought Armani was a wing player from Buffalo.

* In the old days Jim thought fine dining was a reuben sandwich at Danzer’s Restaurant (a local 70’s eatery in Syracuse). He now dines at white table cloth restaurants and knows the difference between Vitamin Water and a glass of cabernet! Only hip restaurants for him, top shelf Zagat approved.  It took a Kentucky women to bring out the real Jim Boeheim .

Love Juli Boeheim.

Pitino also gave his team a shoutout for its collective academic performance last season.

Major Cardinal RED ALERT!

Last year’s team not only won 25 games, played exciting basketball, gave our fans some great comebacks in the KFC Yum! Center, played in a BIG EAST title game, and now we receive word yesterday that our players had the highest GPA of any basketball team in the conference last year. Congrats to all of our guys.  A shout out to our academic advisor for basketball Anthony Wright for a job well done.

I will now be forced to resist the urge to begin every post on this site with "Major Cardinal RED ALERT!" I'm sure C.L. Brown feels the same way.