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Trinity lineman picks Illinois over Louisville

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Thanks in large part to the recruiting efforts of former Louisville quarterback and offensive coordinator Jeff Brohm, Illinois received a commitment from Trinity offensive lineman Joey Warburg on Thursday. Warburg had a scholarship offer from U of L and was also being recruited by Kentucky and Purdue.

"It wasn’t just one thing; Illinois just felt good," Warburg told The Courier-Journal. "There was nothing I didn’t like about it. ... Illinois has a lot of Louisville ties, so it was easy to find some common ground with (the staff)."

Missing out an a large lineman hurts, but the bigger storyline here is the Cardinal coaching staff attempting to establish a relationship with Trinity, whose class of 2013 is loaded with blue chip talent. Ryan White (DB), Jason Hatcher (DE) and Dalyn Dawkins (RB) all have the potential to be big-time recruits, while James Quick (WR) is already at the point where he can essentially choose where he wants to play his college ball.

Pretty sure I've still got some pull over on Shelbyville Rd. Does two interceptions in a '99 freshman game against Southern ring any bells? That's what I thought. I'm about to go Bender all over the class of 2013.

In case you needed a reminder, here is the highlight package from Quick's sophomore season:

These types of players don't sprout out of this area all that often, but when they do you have to take advantage (Bush/Brohm).