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Rick Pitino updates Card Nation

Louisville's most famous blogger took to the Internet for the first time in almost nine months to update Cardinal fans on a number of issues.

Here's a sampling:

The Good

Gorgui Dieng: Up from 217 pounds to 233.  Our goal by October 15th is 245.

Kyle Kuric: Having a work filled summer.  King Kyle has been concentrating on driving left and getting to the foul line.  He is leaving "Kyle’s Corner" on a regular basis.

Chris Smith:  Coming off a surprise junior season.  Basketball junkie.  Can’t get enough of working out. He lives in the gym.

Jared Swopshire:  According to Fred Hina, America’s Best Trainer, his improvement is slow and gradual.  He is working out but the pain after surgery is still present.  We hope to have him ready by October 1st.  

Rakeem Buckles:  His rehabilitation is going along as planned.  May be ahead of schedule.  If he is not 100% by October 15th, red shirting will be an option.  This will also depend on the improvements of Chane.

Chane Behanan:  Speaking of him, he has lowered his body fat to 10.2%.  Everyone must be under 10 by September 4th, except Coach Kevin Keatts and Vinny Tatum.  Coach Keatts will need till October 15th and Vinny the Vest will need till 2022.   Chane has to make some major adjustments for the college game, but his potential is off the charts.  The Bahamas and practice will be great for him.

Zach Price:  Conditioning, conditioning and conditioning are his major weakness.  Strength training, quickness drills and stamina have been summer goals of this outstanding young man.  Practice for the Bahamas will also be extremely helpful.

Russ Smith:  I have been told by Peyton and Chris that Russ is improving. We are looking for him to dribble less and make the passes to open people.  The back-up point guard sport is a crucial one for us.

Elisha Justice (AKA The Bullet):  Haven’t heard too much about the Pride of the Mountains, which means he is doing what he always does:  work hard with great humility.  Played more last year than I expected and that will give him a leg up entering his sophomore season.

Mike Marra:  Having a more productive summer.  Competition at his position will be heavy, which should bring out the best in Mike.

Stephan Van Treese:  Working hard on his outside shot and free throws.  This is a must if he has a shot of getting minutes this season.

Wayne Blackshear & Kevin Ware:   They are not on campus.  They are finishing up their classes at home.  We expect big things from both young men.  Wayne hasn’t played basketball in months due to shoulder surgery.  Hoping to have him ready by September.  Kevin is an explosive athlete that I’m extremely excited to have on our roster.  He can play multiple positions.

Peyton Siva:  Developing a consistent jumper is the key to his future.  Made the jump from a combo guard to a true point.  Great quickness and speed.   Improved his passing immensely.  Like Chris Smith, a gym rat with an incredible attitude.  He is my top five of all-time as a person.  Super young man.

Chicken Knowles: I've offered this fine young man a scholarship and can't wait for Chicken to come to The Bucket.

Only one of those was completely made up by me. If you really thought Van Treese was working on his outside shot, joke's on you.