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Willie Williams is back in jail

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Willie Williams, the former No. 1 recruit in the country who was dismissed from Louisville following a marijuana arrest, is back in trouble with the law again.

Williams is currently behind bars in a Northern Kentucky jail on burglary charges.

Police say Williams would go door-to-door in upscale neighborhoods. If someone answered the front door, he'd make a sales pitch for a gym membership. If no one answered, he'd go around back. That's what Fort Thomas Police say happened July 1 on Stardust Lane.
Lt. Rich Whitford, Ft. Thomas Police: "She was busy, couldn't get to the door. Thought they'd leave. Minutes later she hears someone crushing in the back door trying to break in the house. She goes downstairs, confronts a gentleman at the back. He has a story and gets spooked when she asks questions and takes off leaving."

A neighbor wrote down a plate number. Within hours, police had connected the car and a suspect to a similar burglary in Fort Mitchell.
"Same M.O. We put two and two together, compare evidence. Exact same guy."

Williams was arrested in Newport. People at the place he was staying said he was a pro football player. He's not. But most say he could have been. Williams was the highest rated linebacker coming out of high school in 2004. He played one year at Miami of Florida before an arrest cost him his scholarship. He ended up at a junior college in Los Angeles where he cleaned up his act for awhile. Long enough to get him a spot on the team at Louisville.

"Gets in trouble there. Gets kicked off the team. Ends up in Newport, Kentucky doing burglaries in Campbell County and Kenton County."

Classic Willie.