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2010-2011 CC Least Cool Person Tournament: Higgins/Burr vs. David Baker

All right, this is it for the first round. If you haven't seen your name, you're safe.



--Tim Higgins and Jim Burr: The unholy duo of college basketball officiating.

--Each blew several high-profile calls throughout the season and Higgins in particular was dreadful in games featuring Louisville.

--Both withdrew from the Big East Tournament after missing several calls at the end of the second round game between St. John's and Rutgers.




Rap Sheet:

--27-year-old who used a knife to carve "UK Wins" as well as racial slurs on more than 40 cars on the U of L campus the night of the Louisville/Kentucky football game.

--Was also linked to the vandalizing of several vehicles near Ballard High School and the Holiday Manor Shopping Center on Brownsboro Road.

--Arrested on Nov. 10.