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2010-2011 CC Least Cool Person Tournament: Jeff Goodman vs. The Gnome



Rap Sheet:

--Passed the one year mark on failing to deliver on the "prize" I rightfully earned in a Twitter contest in November of 2009.

--Claimed his plan along was, and still is, to "deliver the prize in person."

--Cemented his place in the tournament for a second straight year by making fun of Louisville fans for being excited about the eligibility of Gorgui Dieng.

--Managed to draw the ever rare cyber-ire of Rick Pitino.

--Followed crazygameofpoker just to gain a prize born of spite.




Rap Sheet:

--Appeared out-of-nowhere to serve as the talisman for the home football game against South Florida and promptly delivered an overtime loss.

--Was banished to oblivion forever.

--Reappeared on DePaul Day 2011 and was the subject of a litany of Chronicloid hate as Louisville struggled to a narrow home victory.

--Was again retired, for his own safety.

I think we all know where my vote is going. Cast yours below.