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Least Cool Person Tournament Championship: John Calipari vs. Brandon Bender

The ultimate battle of uncool kicks off right now, and ends in 48 hours. Who joins Larry Taylor, Mitch Barnhart, and Steve Kragthorpe is entirely in your hands.



How They Got Here:

Defeated Digger Phelps (67-32%)
Defeated David Baker (65-34%)
Defeated Tim Fuller (57-42%)

Rap Sheet:

--Consistently took shots at Louisville and Rick Pitino.

--Consistently took shots at the Big East.

--Consistently took shots at those who didn't praise his every move (enough).

--Blamed bad SEC losses on Kentucky being "everyone's Super Bowl."

--Didn't win a national championship.




How He Got Here:

Defeated Marquis Teague (70-29%)
Defeated J-Bone (87-12%)
Defeated Pat Driscoll (81-18%)

Rap Sheet:

--Former standout at Ballard High School who once boasted about going to the NBA Draft after his junior year of high school.

--Was suspended twice at Louisville and left the program not even halfway through his freshman season.

--No one's actually sure what he does now, no one really thinks he's that important, but everyone knows he isn't cool.

--Has reportedly been telling recruits to steer clear of Louisville and hear to Central Florida. Also ripped Cardinal fans and the program in a recent interview.

--Has tried to align himself with DePaul and Kentucky, neither of which seem particularly interested in his "services."