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CardsFan922's Home Alone at ChronHQ #1: Proudest Fan Moment

So, Mike's gone and hothot is on the road to a new life somewhere that may or may not have Internet access (I'll let him fill in the story), which means I'm home alone this weekend at Chron HQ and no one can bump my stuff from the front page. 

Which means, let's have some fun.  Maybe it's finally time for my 5,000 word think piece comparing the careers of Hunter Cantwell and Terrence Jennings?  Or a detailed feelings analysis of every Louisville home loss from the 2004-05 season? No, that would be weak.

Okay, how about this.  I'll share my proudest moment as a UofL fan, and all of you people follow suit in the comments.  It can be anything: the time you correctly predicted the next football play (100,000 Chron points if anyone nailed that FB Draw on 3rd and 25).  It could be the time you were really hyped about a recruit, and then he ended up playing for a Big East rival and making his Yum! Center debut on Preston's senior night, nailing a couple threes and tripping Peyton Siva on what was probably the sequence of the year.  Or it could be that you are AnVillen.  Whatever you want to do, no rules this weekend while Mike and hothot are away.

I never correctly predict football plays and I routinely jinx my favorite players.  So my proudest moment as a fan was during the 2008-2009 season, early on in the year when we were playing one of our normal non-conference powerhouse opponents.  It was such a bad game, my wife and my brother didn't even want to go, so I went by myself.  The area around me was pretty light on turnout, but there were a couple students in the seats in front of me.  In the first half, we were playing zone and the other team swung the ball to the corner, and Samardo Samuels sorta halfheartedly moved towards him, but the guy nailed the open three.  I IMMEDIATELY said, frustrated: "Step out on that, Samardo."

Three seconds later, Pitino yelled (and because it was so empty, we could hear it up in the upper student section): "STEP OUT ON THAT SAMARDO!"

Literally, word for word, exactly what I had said three seconds before.

The guys in front looked at each other and one of them goes, "That was weird," but they didn't acknowledge me or turn around or anything. 

I was proud of myself.  Consider this thread an open "me time" thread where you can share an equally miniscule or life-changing moment without fear of being judged.