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The Chicken Movement: Day 3


--Chicken has retweeted numerous messages of support from Cardinal fans, including several with the #BringChickenToTheBucket or #ChickenToTheBucket hashtags.

--Card Chronicle is now the top result for a simple Google search of "Chicken Knowles."

To Do

--Get the young man a scholarship offer.


And now, the best of the movement from Monday:





When I consider the magnitude of the subject which I am to bring before the University of Louisville basketball staff, in which the interests, not of this blog, nor of Louisville alone, but of the whole world, and of posterity, are involved: and when I think, at the same time, on the weakness of the advocate who has undertaken this great cause-when these reflections press upon my mind, it is impossible for me not to feel both terrified and concerned at my own inadequacy to such a task. But when I reflect, however, on the encouragement which I have had, through the whole course of a long and laborious examination of this recruitment, and how much candour I have experienced, and how conviction has increased within my own mind, in proportion as I have advanced in my labours;-when I reflect, especially, that however averse any Chronicloid may now be, yet we shall all be of one opinion in the end;-when I turn myself to these thoughts, I take courage-I determine to forget all my other fears, and I march forward with a firmer step in the full assurance that my cause will bear me out, and that I shall be able to justify upon the clearest principles, every resolution in my hand, the avowed end of which is, the commitment of Chicken Knowles to the University of Louisville.