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LCPT Final Four: John Calipari vs. Tim Fuller



How They Got Here:

Defeated Digger Phelps (67-32%)
Defeated David Baker (65-34%)

Rap Sheet:

--Consistently took shots at Louisville and Rick Pitino.

--Consistently took shots at the Big East.

--Consistently took shots at those who didn't praise his every move (enough).

--Blamed bad SEC losses on Kentucky being "everyone's Super Bowl."

--Didn't win a national championship.




How They Got Here:

Defeated Jorts (59-40%)
Defeated Jeff Goodman (69-30%)

Rap Sheet:

--Served as an assistant under Rick Pitino during the 2010-2011 season.

--Bolted for Missouri and friend Frank Haith less than a month after the season had ended.

--His departure sparked a mass shuffling of the coaching staff, the decommitments of Rodney Purvis and (partially) Negus Webster-Chan, as well as the end of the Tony Woods saga.

--Landed George Goode.

--Is now recruiting Chicken Knowles.

Only one moves on to play for it all. Voting ends in 48 hours.