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DaMarcus Smith will enroll at Central Florida

Though he asked George O'Leary for a release from his letter-of-intent (O'Leary said no) and has stated repeatedly for the last two months that he will play for Louisville, it now appears DaMarcus Smith will end up a Knight after all. 

Smith told Central Florida's student newspaper that he plans on enrolling for the school's Summer B session, and will be on campus by June 22. 

"I'll be at the towers hopefully in two weeks," Smith said.

With Smith's ties to purported runners Ken Caldwell and Brandon Bender becoming national news over the past month, many people close to the Cardinal program had expressed their opinion that DaMarcus would never be a Cardinal. Despite that, Smith continued to state, both on Twitter and to anyone else willing to listen, that U of L was where his college football would be played.

Whether or not he does end up at Central Florida, it appears now, once and for all, that DaMarcus Smith's dance with the Louisville football program has ended.