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Tyrone Pearson commits to Central Florida

Tyrone Pearson, the former Seneca High School defensive tackle who committed to Louisville twice, has now committed to Central Florida.

"I'm committed to ucf," Pearson said on Twitter.

The news comes as a bit of a shock considering Pearson has scholarship offers from Alabama, Notre Dame, LSU, Oklahoma, Arkansas, Tennessee, and Stanford, among others. Then again, Pearson already has an established reputation for being a bit impulsive.

Pearson committed to Louisville in February and then decommitted the next day. He then re-committed to Louisville weeks later, and de-committed again shortly after that. At the time of his second decommitment, Pearson also announced that he was transferring from Seneca to Warren Central High School in Indianapolis. He stated that his mother wanted him to focus on his education and that he wasn't allowed to commit to a school unless he was eligible to play in college.

Now he's on Twitter talking about getting a Central Florida tattoo. Might not be the best decision, but far be it from me to tell the young man what to do.