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MarraFan427's Friday morning Cardinal news and notes


MarraFan427, some dude with a weird face (is that Iverson?), and Denny Crum. Quite the trio.

I'm sorry to say that I can't show you guys fresh Wayne Blackshear highlights until Friday which means you won't get to see them UNTIL RIGHT NOW BECAUSE IT'S TOTALLY FRIDAY.

I still say the kid is the biggest difference between a good team and a great team next season.

Sixteen-year-old Brannen Greene received 24 phone calls from college basketball head coaches between midnight and 2:30 a.m. Wednesday morning. Nothing weird about that. Just make sure no one pays for one of his dinners whenever he ends up on a college campus.

Andrea Adelson spoke with Mike Sanford about the 2011 Louisville offense, and he said essentially the same stuff he said on the Inside the Huddle blog about a week ago.

  • Sanford also discussed the importance of keeping Anderson healthy: "That’s something we ideally would love to see. I think one of the things, he’s a guy who runs hard. With a guy like him, sometimes you can run over people and most times he’s going to have to make them miss. As long as he does that, he’ll be fine."
  • Michaelee Harris and Andrell Smith are recovering from injuries, but expectations are high for them to join Josh Bellamy as productive receivers this season. But Sanford is really excited about Josh Chichester at tight end. "He’s big and athletic and we expect big things out of him and the other two tight ends, Stephon Ball and Nate Nord," Sanford said. "We expect both of them to be big contributors. Tie them in with receiving group because we utilize our tight ends to be in the game a lot."
  • Chi-Daddy. So hot right now. 

    My little sister just so happens to be taking an online summer course at U of L with Mike Marra and Stephan Van Treese. That course? Human Sexuality.


    Of course it is.

    There were some chirps last night that Louisville was attempting to poach or had poached Kentucky director of football operations Clifford Snow. That talk was reportedly quashed by Kentucky Sports Report's Lonny Demaree. Snow and Charlie Strong worked together previously under Lou Holtz at South Carolina. Something to keep an ear out for.

    Rodney Purvis unveiled his new top 5, which I believe looks something like this:

    1. Duke
    1. North Carolina State*
    3. Louisville
    3. Kentucky
    3. Memphis

    * Missouri is actually totally on the list and totally ahead of N.C. State.


    The first two tickets to the LCPT Final Four have officially been punched, as Pat Driscoll upset (in my eyes, at least) Central Florida and John Calipari took out the late David Baker. It appears as though Driscoll will face Brandon Bender while Calipari gets Tim Fuller.


    I'm gonna run this into the ground so fast.

    Jody Demling is at the NBA Top 100 camp and has all the information you could possibly desire. He also profiles Louisville target Mitch McGary.

    Kentucky went ahead and gave into the NCAA over the whole Calipari/500 wins deal. Sort of.

    All this really means is he gets another party. It's like your parents telling you they skipped you a grade when you were younger and have been lying about your age ever since a couple of months after you already celebrated turning 21. Really? Let's do it again then.

    Speaking of that ordeal, here is easily the most entertaining portion of UK's dialogue with the NCAA.


    Kentucky fans will bitch that the Louisville media is in the bag U of L and then turn right around and blame the Holocaust on Jerry Tipton in the next breath.

    Matt Nakatani is on Twitter. This is his Twitter bio:

    Call me Mr. Clutch or Mr. Automatic 626 NAK.. I kick for the University of Louisville football team #18. Get at me

    Between this development and Titus being Titus, I'm not sure I've ever been so excited to rock the 18.

    For the first time I can remember, this morning I paid special attention to the order in which I dry myself off after I get out of the shower. The results:

    1. Hair
    2. Face
    3. Left arm
    4. Under left arm
    5. Right arm
    6. Under right arm
    7. Chest
    8. Stomach
    9. Lower back
    10. ;)
    11. Left leg
    12. Right leg
    13. Whip the towel around and go upper back

    Feel free to share your evolution towards dryness...ladies.

    Jimmy Boyd thinks Louisville finishes last in the Big East this year. Jimmy's been wrong before. Jimmy also picked Louisville last in 2010. Jimmy wants you to sign up for his email list. Jimmy's down.

    Here's a good profile piece on Louisville's latest national champion, Matt Hughes.

    What do you think the least popular jersey number in college basketball is? I got it right, but I'm awesome. Take a guess and then click the link for a story on players who choose to wear it.

    Finally, Louisville has offered a scholarship to class of 2013 quarterback Parker McLeod (Marietta, Ga.), who has yet to play a high school season as a starter.

    Ginger Ninja: The Sequel?