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Jurich not interested in Tennessee opening

It's as sure as the sun rising in the east. When an AD position opens up at a high-profile university, Tom Jurich's name is going to be thrown around as a possible candidate.

Louisville fans have dealt with this for years, most notably in 2007 when several reports had him all but out the door and headed to Florida State.

The latest gentlemen caller is Tennessee, a position which Jurich addressed for the first time today.

"There's nothing to talk about," he said. "I have a job here, and I'm just going to focus on that."

Jurich's track-record gives the statement credibility.

In an era where loyalty is more in the trunk than the passenger seat, where even the LSU football and Kansas basketball coaches flirt with and/or accept other positions, Jurich is the exception to the rule. Much like Denny Crum before him, Jurich came to Louisville, did amazing things in a relatively short period of time, and subsequently chose to hang around and watch his program continue to evolve instead of bolting for more money or - perhaps more important to a guy like Jurich - a new challenge.

If Tom Jurich says bluntly that he's staying, then Cardinal fans have nothing to fear.