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Rick Pitino calls the SEC "second rate"

Rick Pitino fired the latest shot in the not-so-subtle war of words between he and Kentucky head coach John Calipari during a Cardinal Caravan event in Shelbyville Thursday night.

When introducing his son, U of L assistant Richard, Pitino quipped: "He went away for a couple of years to learn how to do things in a second-rate league, then get back to the big time."

The younger Pitino spent the past two seasons as an assistant under Billy Donovan at Florida.

Pitino's comment comes a little more than a week after Calipari suggested at the annual SEC meetings that the Big East gets too many teams into the NCAA Tournament and then subsequently under-performs. He also suggested that the Big East is the product of "media hype" last March.

Kentucky's season ended when it was defeated by Connecticut in the Final Four. The Huskies also beat the Wildcats by 17 earlier in the year.

In the words of a semi-intoxicated Dan Sinnard (the man responsible for the original Kuric/wedding comment, as well as anything else dumb that I've quoted a "friend" as saying) upon hearing the news: "Pitino and Calipari just need to, like, climb on horses and go right at each in Troy."

Maybe one day, Dan. Maybe one day.