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2010-2011 CC Least Cool Person Tournament: Brandon Bender vs. Marquis Teague



Rap Sheet:

--Former standout at Ballard High School who once boasted about going to the NBA Draft after his junior year of high school.

--Was suspended twice at Louisville and left the program not even halfway through his freshman season.

--No one's actually sure what he does now, no one really thinks he's that important, but everyone knows he isn't cool.

--Has reportedly been telling recruits to steer clear of Louisville and hear to Central Florida. Also ripped Cardinal fans and the program in a recent interview.

--Has tried to align himself with DePaul and Kentucky, neither of which seem particularly interested in his "services."




Rap Sheet:

--To date, the youngest participant in tournament history.

--Listed Louisville as the leader for nearly the entirety of his recruitment, which began before he even entered high school.

--Sparked "Teaguepocalypse" when he ultimately committed to Kentucky while wearing a red shirt.

--Spawned the "you guessed it" meme, which 7% of readers enjoyed at first reference, 3% were OK with five references later, and 1% tolerate now.