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2010-2011 CC Least Cool Person Tournament: Digger Phelps vs. John Calipari



Rap Sheet:

--Wore a Notre Dame sweater vest and openly rooted for the Irish while calling their game against Louisville on ESPN.

--Ruined the evening for many.

--Got paid more than just about all of us to be consistently wrong in both his predictions and alleged facts for the rest of the basketball season.




Rap Sheet:

--Consistently took shots at Louisville and Rick Pitino.

--Consistently took shots at the Big East.

--Consistently took shots at those who didn't praise his every move (enough).

--Blamed bad SEC losses on Kentucky being "everyone's Super Bowl."

--Didn't win a national championship.

I'd like to remind you that your voting should be based solely on the person's body of work for this athletic season alone. You have 48 hours to advance one of these loathsome individuals into the quarterfinals.