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2010-2011 CC Least Cool Person Tournament: Pat Driscoll vs. DeMonte Harper

A pair of announcements before we get this party started.

First, due to the overwhelming number of worthy nominees, the tournament has been expanded from eight to 16. I'm still not sure yet whether or not this will be a permanent change. My preference is to keep the tournament not so drawn out, but obviously this was an exceptionally uncool athletic season.

Second, for the first time ever the tournament will be unseeded. There simply isn't a whole lot separating the bulk of these contestants, and seeding them would not only be difficult, but it would lead otherwise conflicted voters in a particular direction. This being the case, the 2010-2011 bracket is the product of a blind draw.

With that out of the way, here's the tournament's opening match:



Rap Sheet:

--Whistled Kyle Kuric for a seemingly inexplicable technical foul in a game Louisville eventually lost in overtime at Notre Dame.

--Originally said the technical was because Kuric said something, but later changed his story and said it was because of a post-dunk staredown.



Rap Sheet:

--Hit the shot that knocked Louisville out of the NCAA Tournament and ended its 2010-2011 season.

--Added insult to injury by finishing the tournament just 1-of-12 from the three-point line.

Who moves on to the elite eight is up to you. Voting closes in 48 hours.