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Juwan Staten will visit Louisville

As the world of point guard transfers turns...

Former Dayton point guard Juwan Staten, who led the Atlantic 10 in assists last season as a freshman, will visit Louisville next Tuesday.

"I'm going to visit Louisville, South Carolina, Miami and Texas," Staten told "I know I'm going to Louisville Tuesday and that will be an all day thing. I don't think they have any more official visits so I'm going to go down there unofficially."

In his first collegiate season, Staten - a former four-star recruit - averaged 8.5 points, 5.4 assists and 2.1 rebounds. His assist-to-turnover ratio was an extremely healthy 2.09 (for reference, Peyton Siva's was 1.8).

Staten had initially planned on transferring to Penn State, but then Ed Dacellis bolted for Navy.

I know the search to sign a point guard has reached (or reached two weeks ago) eye-rolling status, but this is a kid I know a little bit about, and one who I think has the potential to be a pretty solid player. He's got great vision, solid handles, and he can do this:

Signing Staten wouldn't be worth throwing a parade over, but he's also much better than the "meh" reaction he'd almost certainly receive from the majority of Cardinal fans.