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Brandon Bender: "I'm telling everything"

Everyone's favorite...I don't even know what noun to use here....anyway, Brandon Bender has thrust himself back into the summer news by stating that he plans to "tell the whole story about Rick Pitino" tomorrow evening on a radio station in Orlando.

Bender will reportedly be joined by his "mentor" Kenneth Caldwell on the program, which will begin at 6:30 p.m.. The two were recently the subject of and New York Time pieces which labeled them as runners for the University of Central Florida.

Unable to wait 24 hours, Bender, who left Louisville in the middle of his freshman season, decided to do some talking a day in advance. Here are some of his quotes from an interview with's Anthony Wireman:

"I'm going to tell the whole story about Rick Pitino. I'm telling everything."

"Louisville fans want to be Kentucky fans so bad and I wish I would have went to Kentucky coming out of high school"

"Rick was a good coach 10 years ago but he needs to surrender to Calipari because Kentucky owns the state"

Me: "What are you going to say on the radio about Pitino?" Bender: "I'm going to talk about his relationship with his mistress Pat Forde"

"Looneyville fans want to be UK fans so bad..."

"U of L will never come close. They're getting their a**es kicked in the first round of the NCAA Tournament."

I once knew a 15-year-old girl whose father had refused to speak to her for the duration of her life. She'd developed early and wore extremely revealing clothing whenever we went out in public. She was constantly on her cell phone and made it a personal goal for everyone in every room she ever entered heard every word she said. She laughed loudly, she danced provocatively, and she slept with anyone who looked at her.

I ran into that girl today and all she could talk about is how desperate for attention Brandon Bender is.

Cover up, Brandon. Nobody wants to see that.