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Big East football coaches favor expansion to 12-team

Very interesting survey results today from CBS' Brett McMurphy.

2. If Villanova becomes the 10th member, do you want to stay at 10 or go to 12 members? If 12, which two schools would you add?

Go to 12 schools: 5 votes

Stay at 10: 2 votes

No opinion: 1 vote

Of the five coaches wanting to get to 12 members, Central Florida received three votes, while East Carolina and Houston each received two votes and Southern Methodist one vote. One coach prefers 12 schools, but had no opinion what two schools to add.

The biggest challenge about adding all of the schools mentioned -- UCF, ECU, Houston and SMU -- is that they likely would require all sports membership, increasing the basketball membership to a seemingly unwieldy 19 teams. One league source, though, doesn't feel that's a problem. "You can have 50 teams in basketball [in the conference]," the source said. "It doesn't matter. That's why they have the NCAA tournament."

Big East commissioner John Marinatto also previously has said the league's basketball membership could grow as large as 20 schools.

Charlie Strong will single-handedly crush Central Florida...with his toes...his two pinky toes.