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Adam Froman talks to Yahoo about being an undrafted free agent

Former Louisville quarterback Adam Froman talked to Yahoo's Doug Farrar about the difficulties of being an undrafted free agent during the ongoing NFL labor dispute. Ordinarily, Froman would already have signed with a team and would be preparing for camp, but as it is his situation is entirely up in the air.

Our final guests are two of the truly under-represented in this entire labor fight — undrafted free agents Adam Froman and David Mims. Froman, a quarterback from Louisville, spent his first two post-high school years at Santa Rosa Community College in California before getting his big shot. He didn't disappoint, winning the starting quarterback job in 2009 and looking good early in the 2010 season before a leg injury derailed the end of his season, his chance at a bowl game, and a likely chance at a late-round draft pick. Froman is back to optimal health again and working out in Louisville, waiting for the lockout to end so that the NFL teams interested in him can finally bring him in. To me, Froman has the potential to start in the NFL if he gets in the right system — he looks to me to be an embryonic Kevin Kolb(notes)/Jake Locker hybrid. Take a look at about 15 minutes of his game tape and see what you think.

You can listen to the podcast right here.