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Greg Scruggs talks recruiting

It's not a secret that we love Greg Scruggs here. Love him on the field, love him in interviews, love him on Twitter, love him with obscure NCAA mascots.


He's one of the better personalities Louisville football has had in recent years, and I'll be surprised if he doesn't have an enormous 2011.

For evidence supporting this man-crush, I direct you to Scruggs' recent tweets regarding the current state of recruiting:

Honestly, recruits are out of hand now a days. When my class came in, we picked our school and wanted to get to work.

We picked our SCHOOL not our coach. Coach plays a factor but ultimately it is the environment that makes u stay!!

I've never heard about so much committing and decommitting in my life. There's a reason you are supposed to "weigh your options" first.

The whole purpose of committing is to give that school ur word. Shut everything down. And begin to prep urself.

I'm blessed to have had a coach the respected my school and me to not let anyone try and sway my decision. Much of what recruits lack nowadays

Amen, Scruggs Island.