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Larry Jefferson talks about committing to Louisville

Largely overshadowed by the negative basketball recruiting news of the past week is the fact that a football player recently picked Charlie Strong and Louisville over reigning national champion Auburn, Georgia, Virginia Tech, and others.

Larry Jefferson is one of the more versatile players in the class of 2012, and has the potential to be an All-Big East player at tight end for the Cardinals. This is a kid worth getting excited about.

He recently talked to the Atlanta Journal-Constitution about the seemingly surprising commitment, and recounted the conversation he had with Strong when he broke the news.

Strong: "That’s great, great news. We’re excited to have you. Welcome to the Louisville football family."

Jefferson: "Glad to be part of it, Coach."

(A couple of minutes later)

Strong: "Now you’re sure you’re not going to change your mind on us and be a Bulldog?"

Jefferson: "No sir, Coach. I’m coming to Louisville."

Strong: "You’re sure? Because there’s a lot of Bulldog fans around your school and Atlanta."

Jefferson: "I’m sure, Coach. I’m going to be a Cardinal."

Additional quote:

"It is a good place for me to go," Jefferson said. "With the academics, Louisville has my major, which is criminal justice. They are recruiting me as a tight end, and there’s the chance to play right away at that position. Coach Strong and all the coaches took me in as family when I visited the campus."

It certainly seems like the constant in these statements from recently committed or signed players is the word "family." Strong and company are doing very special things here.