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Negus Webster-Chan re-opens his recruitment

OK, now it's a big deal.

Negus Webster-Chan, the four-star 6-7 swingman out of Huntington Prep, announced today that he is no longer committed to the University of Louisville and has re-opened his recruitment to all interested parties. This according to's Evan Daniels.

Webster-Chan originally committed to Louisville on Dec. 22. He was not one of the players recruited by former assistant Tim Fuller, and there were no rumors of him wavering from his commitment following Fuller's departure.

Basically, nobody saw this coming.

Jody Demling wrote yesterday that Rick Pitino was scheduled to meet with Webster-Chan either today or tomorrow. No word on whether or not that meeting actually took place or will take place.

The Ware and Woods pieces of news were relatively soft body blows, but this is not good.

UPDATE: NWC quotes from Zag's blog. Doesn't sound like there's much of a chance of him recommitting.

“I just didn’t feel comfortable with all of the changes at Louisville,” he told Alex Kline of The Recruit Scoop. “I had a great relationship with Coach [Mark] Lieberman and with his new role [as Director of Basketball Operations], I just didn’t feel like it was the best fit for me. I appreciate all of the Louisville fans that have showed their support for me and hope they understand.

“I will always be a Card fan because of my bro Gorgui [Dieng].”