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Kevin Ware to Central Florida

According to Fox Sports.

It's OK, I'm sure news of him coming around will hit in a few days...and then more news that the first news wasn't true will hit a few hours after that...and then new news that the original news may have been true will come a few weeks later...and then no one will be sure if that news is true...and then news that he DEFINITELY wants to come to Louisville will come like a month later...and then a few days after that more news will come that ALMOST completely confirms the most recent piece of news....and then George O'Leary will be an ass and everyone will still be really confused.

I look forward to that.

Also, Wayne Blackshear's shoulder injury is going to keep him out of the Derby Classic.

Double also, when you were a kid and your parents told you they were taking that dog you loved to a farm so he/she could run around and be happy, they were actually just taking it to be killed.

Triple also, that's an STD.

Happy Monday Cards fans!