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Elisha Justice looks to single-handedly take down Spanish soccer

I'm not sure I've ever been more proud of a group of people than I am of the ones who emailed me or sent Twitter messages alerting me to the news that voting has opened for Elisha Justice's second round matchup in the Hottest Male Athlete of 2011 Tournament.

This post may be overkill, however, as Bullet has already raced out to a 71%-29% lead over Round Balls Region top seed Victor Valdes, another Spanish soccer star. 

It appears as if it may be smooth sailing for the former Kentucky Mr. Basketball up until the Elite Eight, where a potential showdown with international superstar Cristiano Ronaldo looms.

Ronaldo. Bullet. Two lives that have been unknowingly spiraling toward this moment since birth.

To get there, Justice first has to get by Valdes. Louisville has already dominated Spain once. Let's do it again.

Viva El Bullet.