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Donovan: Richard Pitino could be "coach-in-waiting" at Louisville

Billy Donovan confirmed what most had already assumed when he announced this afternoon that Richard Pitino is heading back to Louisville to work as an associate head coach under his father. What Donovan added after that is what has caught the attention of the Cardinal faithful.

Donovan claims that Louisville has discussed a "coach-in-waiting" deal with the younger Pitino that would allow him to become the next U of L coach whenever his father decides to call it a career.

I'm all for getting Richard back on staff, but a deal that would allow someone with no prior head coaching experience to grab the reins at Louisville is something I can't see myself ever supporting.

Obviously, this is a non-issue at the moment as Rick Pitino is U of L's head coach and figures to retain the title for multiple years. Still, it seems a bit strange that this is even being discussed. The Pat Knight situation was an absolute trainwreck at Texas Tech, and I can't see a program at the level of Louisville's backing itself into a similar corner.

U of L has had two head coaches in 40 years, and they are both hall-of-famers. For the next Louisville head coach to be someone as unqualified as Richard Pitino will almost certainly be at the time this "switch" would take place would be unfathomable.

But again, I'm very glad he's back on the staff.